Cutty’s Sandwiches (Boston, MA)

Welcome to Cutty’s! The sandwiches you are about to see have been rated the best in Boston in 2011.

My brother Harrison and I enjoyed this here meal together.

Feast your eyes on the Roast Beef 1000. Slow-roasted beef, crispy shallots, 1000 Island dressing and sharp cheddar on brioche. This is the restaurant’s most popular sandwich, and the one I assume Guy Fieri from The Food Network ate when he visited in May, 2012, not long ago!

The other sandwich we tried was the daily special: a beef and cheddar melt with pickled onions, panini’d to perfection. It was absolutely delicious. Coupled with tomato soup, these sandwiches were incredibly good.

Cutty’s gets everything they make their sandwiches with from very specific places. Most of them are local, but some ingredients come as far as the Netharlands and Italy.

If you’re rolling through the Boston area, this is hands down the place to go for a world class sandwich.

Yours always,

Goalie Spoon


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