The Parlour Ice Cream Truck!

It’s been a while dearest foodie friends, but Goalie Spoon is back with a look at The Parlour, an ice cream truck that cruises the Durham streets offering decadent frozen treats. This ice cream is for real. My family owned and leased out a bunch of ice cream trucks for years while I was growing up, so I know my ice cream. We’re not talking about bomb pops or screw balls with this truck, though. Check out this sugar cone of Salted Butter Caramel and Maple Walnut… yum.

Maple Walnut and Salted Butter Caramel

Many of the food trucks in Durham perpetuate their businesses using social media web sites. @ParlourDurham tweets out where they’ll be and the customers come in droves! They’re great about getting back to people who tweet at them.

You can order your ice cream in a cup or choose from a sugar or waffle cone. My mom thinks the colorful plastic cups are “fun!” and I absolutely agree. Aside from cups and cones, you can order your ice cream in a float of various sodas (the root beer float is amazing enough that it’s Kait’s cover photo on facebook) and delectable ice cream sandwhiches.

The key to a perfect ice cream sandwich experience is to let it thaw out for a little while– the cookies will be perfectly soft after about 10-15 minutes.

Goalie Spoon urges you to try this place out. Not eating this ice cream should be considered a felony in North Carolina. The Parlour has a great website! Here, take a peek. Check out this page to see all of their incredible flavors.

The sheer joy in this picture survives its blurriness because the Parlour is just that good. Go get some! The truck is so cool- a miniature bus turned retro ice cream ‘parlour’ on wheels.


Goalie Spoon

p.s. We’ve missed you!


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