Wet Burritos

Tonight my freshmen year roommate (star volleyball player Kellie Catanach) and I made some Wet Burritos. Inspired by a recipe we found online, we decided to cook these suckers up.


Wet Burritos

They were absolutely delicious and pretty easy to make! We fed four people generous portions for about $35 total and it only took about us about 10 minutes to shop for the supplies. Check out the recipe here. Basically, you cook up some ground beef, onions and refried beans to roll up in your heated tortillas. Then, you cook some bean-less chili, condensed tomato soup and enchilada sauce and pour it over your beloved burritos. Sprinkle some shredded mexican cheese on top and microwave for 1-1.5 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. Finish by sprinkling shredded lettuce, red and green onion and chopped tomatoes on top. To top off our mexican creations, we decided to gingerly drizzle some hot white queso across each burrito. We had a lot of fun cooking this authentic mexican meal together. Goalie Spoon recommends this recipe to any and all mexican food lovers.


2 responses

  1. Molly M, I found you & your blog. Going to make these—sounds good and easy (my #2 & #1 requirements for making food, in that order)! and by the way–GO DUKE!!!

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