Good Morning, Parker and Otis (Durham, NC)

Parker and Otis is, simply put, a magical spot in Durham. I’m keeping this post short and to the point, but if I were to post pictures of P&O, they would be slightly reminiscent of Foster’s Market but with a much wider range of selection of goods, higher ceilings and more natural light streaming in through large windows. Parker and Otis is right around the corner from Brightleaf Square. I highly recommend giving them a try for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether you’re a “local” or more of a “cupcake,” Parker and Otis has something for everyone, including their own quirky t-shirts with words like these on them.

Here’s the breakfast I went with: Black Forest ham and asparagus scramble with a side of fruit. Delectable.

It was a gorgeous day to relax at one of their many outdoor tables. The view overlooked the endearing area between Duke’s East campus and downtown Durham. This post is a bit of a tease but I promise you this much: good things come to those who go to Parker and Otis.


2 responses

  1. I’m so glad you wrote about Parker & Otis. I’ve been meaning to include it in my own blog because it’s so amazing. You need to try one of their lattes (if you like coffee, that is) because they are out-of-this-world amazing!

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