Bollywood…in Durham?

Warning: I have no photos for this evening’s meal. I feel, however, that it would be wrong to exclude a delicious dinner just because of my unfortunate lapse in judgment. Tonight, a good friend of mine and I ventured out to Fullsteam Brewery to indulge in some good ol’ home-cooked Indian food. Apparently Fullsteam does this every Monday and changes up the menu every week. On board for tonight was:

Chicken Tikka Masala: All-natural, succulent, boneless, marinated, grilled chicken enveloped in a sublime cardamom-tomato-cream sauce.

Palak Aaloo: A robust ensemble of fresh spinach and potatoes with a dollop of butter.

Dal Tamatar: Comfort food… red lentils with tomatoes and cumin.

Basmati rice with spices

Garlic naan

Fresh cilantro chutney

Hershey Kisses!

I’m definitely going back, and this was actually my first time at Fullsteam! Such a cool atmosphere with communal picnic tables and a few old arcade video games. Also, something to definitely keep in the back of your mind is that they’re hosting a Mardi Gras party next Tuesday from 4 PM to midnight. Here’s the info, since I’m sure it’s going to be awesome:


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  1. I’ve been to the ‘Steam a few times, but I never had any clue that they had this offer on Mondays… I don’t doubt that it was delicious (it’s hard to mess up Tikka Masala, anyway), I wonder if it was pricy, considering that it was (probably) restaurant caliber food. At a brewery, no less. Cool Post!

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