Good Morning Y’all – The Gazebo (Wiliamsburg, VA)

20120211-113715.jpgI am a self-proclaimed pancake fanatic. To paint more of a picture for you of my profound love for pancakes, let me say this – the “Breakfast for Dinner” menu at Elmo’s Diner was a major turning point in my college decision process. The sad part is, I’m honestly not kidding.

I remember the moment so well. “Breakfast…for dinner?!” I asked, “…And they have sweet potato pancakes too?!” With that first bite, I committed to Duke. Then again, the awesome people I was eating with only helped to further affirm this decision of mine.

So, now that you have a deeper insight into who I am and what drives my appetite, it will come as no surprise as to why I love Williamsburg, VA. Every other storefront there seems like it’s either a pancake or waffle house…so in other words, it’s heaven. Every time we travel to play William & Mary, we eat our pre-game breakfast at The Gazebo, aptly named since there is an actual gazebo inside the place.

The Gazebo has two menu items that seem to be made especially for me: a stack of pecan pancakes and a $3 bottomless pit of coffee. The pancakes were everything I could hope for…scrumptious and hearty enough to practically keep me full for the rest of the day (Author’s note: That last statement is clearly an exaggeration. My stomach is more of a bottomless pit than The Gazebo’s extensive caffeine options).


Our next stop on the road to Stony Brook could be described as the Mecca of all food destinations: Nashville, TE. All of us here are greatly anticipating the award-winning sandwiches of Bread & Company and what’s sure to be an an equally awesome dinner at the airport. The airport may not necessarily seem like the most exciting dinner venue in the world, but last time we were in town, Casey Beyel and I had a bit of an adventure searching for southern biscuits…so who knows what memories this trip will bring?


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