Preseason Breakfast (Durham, NC)

Ah, nothin’ like an 11:40 class to ensure enough time to cook a proper breakfast, especially in preseason. With two 2.5 hour classes and a 3 hour practice on Tuesdays, I need to make sure I start the day off right.


Turkey & Cheddar 1-egg 2-egg white Omelette, Grapes, Strawberry Yogurt

Although I don’t consider myself a cook [yet], I do take pride in my omelette making abilities. This morning I whipped up a 1-egg, 2-egg white omelette with a subtle sprinkling of freshly grated cheddar and one slice of turkey, split into bite-sized bits.

Why 1 egg and 2 egg whites? It’s my way of ensuring that I get the nutrients that I want from my omelette without a getting a nutrient overload (too much fat in my meal). I get the good cholesterol, fat soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids in the yolk that I’m after without eating 3 whole yolks. Supplemented by two egg whites, a sensible omelette that our team nutritionist would approve of is born. Made complete with a garnish of grapes and strawberry yogurt, this breakfast is fit for the fiercest of preseason days. I’m lucky to live in an apartment complex with most of my good friends and even luckier yet to have a fully functional kitchen, too. That’s all for this morning’s post, check back soon!


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