Foster’s Market (Durham, NC)

Everyone can find something to eat at any time of the day at Foster’s Market. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner – all with varied menus. It’s also a place where great wine, 7-pepper jelly, Barefoot Contessa mix’s, almost any kind of candy, hand painted dishes and so much more can be purchased.


Foster's Market

Foster’s always amazes me with their creative and delectable side dishes. From cheesey chicken spaghetti to their always awesome mac & cheese, Foster’s always serves up seriously savory specialty sides. When I go to Foster’s, I usually stick with the sandwich and wrap menu, select one of their many beverages from the fridge and order a small portion of one of their scrumptious salads.

Here’s how to navigate Foster’s in a  few easy steps, depending on what you’re looking for.

Step 1. The entree.

Select a sandwich or wrap from these two menus. Don’t like what you see? Create your own sandy or wrap with whichever bread, meat, veggies and spread you’d like. You can also add a cup or bowl of soup to the mix. There is always a vegetarian and meat option for soups. Your server will give you a ticket during step 1. Don’t lose it! You’ll need it to tally up your bill as you move along through the next few Foster’s steps.


Wrap Menu and Kids Menu


Sandwich Menu

Step 2. Salad station.

Make a pit stop here if you’re interested in some fruit salad, caesar salad, mixed greens or tarragon chicken salad to name a few. Just say ‘when’ and your friendly server will give you just the right portion on a beautifully hand-painted plate.Tickle your taste buds and your aesthetic inclinations with a simple side salad.


Salad Station

Step 3. Grab a drink.

Foster’s can accommodate you whether you’d like some water, coffee, tea, soda, beer or wine. Most likely, you’ll hit up the fridge, just to the left of the salad station. This is where you can find bottled water, juice, soda and both imported and local beers. A server can help you choose the right beer for you whether you like something smooth and simple or if you’re a hopisaurus.


Bottled Drinks


Coffee and Tea

Step 4. Eat and enjoy!

Take a seat – there are seats throughout the market and a great selection of outdoor seating as well. Relax and take in the warm and cozy country store ambience. Foster’s is also one of the best places to eat outside on a sunny Durham day.


Indoor Seating Area

Step 5. Indulge in some dessert.

Foster’s has a fantastic selection of desserts. My personal favorite is the chocolate pie but they have everything from key lime pie to seasonal fruit pies to lemon bars and brownies to pretty much every cookie you could possibly imagine. If you have room for dessert, take advantage of the succulent selection at Foster’s.

Cakes and Pies

Step 6. Shop while you digest.

On your way out, take a look at the myriad of products that Foster’s Market has to offer. Make a Valentine’s Day dream come true this year by bringing home that specific type of candy that’s tough to find – you can count on Foster’s to have it in stock. From Warheads to Godiva chocolate to Big League Chew and Fun Dip, Foster’s has it all. Image

Their collection of both red and white wine is wonderfully extensive and absolutely worth checking out.


The Goalie Spoon dipped into this chicken caesar BLT wrap this evening, my go-to choice. With a nice tall glass of ice water and a beautiful plate of fruit salad, this was a perfect post-practice meal. Just enough savory caesar, bacon, and chicken to juxtapose against the sweet and succulent fruit – put more simply, YUM. At Foster’s, they heat the wraps just enough to melt the cheese and to ensure that the dressing is warmed to perfection. The red wrap is eye catching and satisfying to eat, too. Without knowing I was a food blogger, my server asked me if there were any specific fruits that I would like more of in my fruit salad. It was then presented it to me as stunningly as you see it below. The plates that the salads are served are on sale at Foster’s. I’ve seen brown, red, blue, yellow and green on sale before. How great does my fruit salad look on the brown one?


Chicken Caesar BLT Wrap, Fruit Salad

Foster’s Market does it all. Their extensive collection of just about everything, delicious food and great customer service gives them the Goalie Spoon stamp of approval. They even do catering for special events and even family dinners for busy parents. Check out their website – it’s great! You’ll find all the info you’ll ever need here –

Thanks for reading this Goalie Spoonful, be sure to check back soon for more!


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