Jimmy V’s Steakhouse and Tavern (Cary, NC)

When my roommate’s dad celebrates his birthday, he likes to do so generously. My roommate’s father Grant was awesome enough to treat us to dinner last night for the occasion. Happy Birthday Grant!!

We entered a dimly lit establishment and made our way to the bar to find Mr. Wenger and his friend Drew. The bar was sectioned off from the rest of the restaurant by a solid wall that was about 5 ft. tall topped with sheets of opaque glass that reached about 5 ft. higher than that. When we turned the corner to the restaurant, we saw our huge rectangular table covered with a white table cloth, awaiting us. The table had four small lanterns to help light the table which would have otherwise been tough to navigate with how little light was in the restaurant. The playlist of soft rock hits was delightful. It felt as though we were being serenaded by John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Jewel, and acoustic versions of Maroon 5. The atmosphere was comfortable and very relaxing.

For starters, our waiter and waitress (yes, there were two) brought us an amazing seafood platter to share. Complete with fresh crab meat, giant shrimp and AMAZING scallops that melted in our mouths, this platter went perfectly with the aerated cabernet sauvignon. The wine was the smoothest red I’ve ever had! I’m not a true connoisseur but it was fantastic, that’s for sure.

Seafood Platter

After a brief but wonderful affair with the seafood platter, the french onion soup came out, piping hot. It was hard to get a good picture of the garlic bread, but it was delectable. It was definitely the best garlic bread I’ve ever had. Pardon the picture but the lighting was really working against me.

Garlic Bread

I couldn’t have been any more in love with this bread UNTIL there were two thin slices of it in my french onion soup! Covered in luscious cheese, nonetheless. Dreams really do come true.

French Onion Soup

The final chapter of this scrumptious meal came in the form of Chicken Oscar. Grilled chicken breast and fresh crab meat with béarnaise sauce, asparagus and mouthwatering, creamy garlic mashed potatoes.

Chicken Oscar

I honestly can’t remember ever being as full or satisfied as I was after this incredible meal. I definitely recommend Jimmy V’s but be warned: It is VERY expensive. I thought that the food was worth the price, although some people who ordered the steak weren’t ecstatic about their meals (and I also wasn’t the one paying this time). The Chicken Oscar gets the stamp of approval, though. The Goalie Spoon is extremely fortunate to have parents and friends whose parents are willing to take them so such unbelievable dinners when they come in for special occasions and games. Be on the lookout for more Goalie Spoon coverage soon!


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