What’s Goalie Spoon?

Goalie Spoon is a food blog written by two Duke women’s lacrosse goalies. In lax bro terms, a goalie spoon is the term used to describe the specific lacrosse stick that a goalie uses. Mollie and Kaitlin are both very passionate about using their goalie spoons, and all other spoons for that matter, as often as possible. They are lucky enough to reside in Durham, North Carolina, one of the foodiest cities in America. When they’re not stuffing their teammates and opposition while playing lax, they can usually be found stuffing their faces elsewhere. This blog aims to follow them throughout their foodie journeys. From Durham to Chapel Hill to Hanover, NH to Blacksburg, VA and back, these goalies are ready to eat, take pictures, and blog all about their affairs with food.

Kait playing against Virginia Tech

Mollie playing against Northwestern

Both Mollie and Kait hail from the great state of Massachusetts. They both love their brothers – Mollie has one older bro and Kait has two younger. @MollieTweetler and @kaitgaiss are both avid tweeters. They love blogs, dogs and going on leisurely jogs. The two are among the quirkiest and most adventurous of their teammates, placing them appropriately in the strangest and most unpopular position on the field. It has been said that, “you need to be crazy to be a goalie,” and it has proven to be true. Kait and Mollie are starting this blog in order to outline their food adventures and they aim to keep things interesting.

Austin, Kait and Ryan

Harrison and Mollie

As athletes in season, these gals need to be cognizant of what they’re putting into their bodies. With that said, indulgence in moderation is in no way against the rules. This blog will cover what they’re eating on the road with the team as well as what they find in various eating establishments both as a duo and on their own. We’re glad you’re here to see what these two brick wall types delve their spoons into!


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